Lift and shift cloud migration solutions

Secure cloud environments with automated security policy management that enforces consistent policies across your hybrid environment. Balance agile, automated, and secure.

Gain security visibility across public, private and hybrid clouds

Ensuring workloads moved to the cloud adhere to existing security policies requires real-time visibility and control. Too often, developers who have little or no security expertise deploy applications to the cloud, totally bypassing security. Lack of end-to-end visibility creates blind spots for security teams and potential risk for the business. Security teams must ensure cloud environments meet the same security and compliance requirements as traditional IT - and they must do this without compromising developer productivity.

Tufin automates the provisioning of the network change, providing a complete audit trail with scalability.

Benefits of using Tufin

Tufin’s security policy automation provides the real-time visibility, analytics and control needed to ensure workloads moved to the cloud are secure. Tufin automatically discovers and inventories workloads and applications, along with their dependencies and traffic flows, to detect and eliminate the introduction of policy violations. Tufin identifies the changes needed for physical firewalls and the new settings required for cloud security groups, ensuring smooth and automated configuration. Tufin enables a comprehensive cloud migration strategy and takes the risk out of moving to the cloud.

Unified, consistent cloud security

Migrate workloads/apps across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, with consistent security policies that follow the workloads.

Discovery & visibility

Discover and inventory workloads and apps, their dependencies, and traffic flows, providing visibility and policy visualization for effective change implementation.

Automated, secure change process

Simulate, assess and analyze risks before change implementation across all enterprise cloud environments.